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Why Guys Want To Wait

Aug 21, 2018 Jan Bilewicz

Hi! Do all guys think just of “one thing” and are they after “one thing?” You can read or hear such an opinion here and there. Those who express it certainly think of and are after “one thing” themselves, and judge others by their own standards.

How typical! Many young men stay chaste and intend to stay like that until marriage. I have already written how girls justify their decision to keep premarital chastity. Now, it is the guys’ turn. Every one polled gave at least four arguments (the greatest number was ten) for chastity. Apparently, they had thought out the question well. Here are some of their answers:

I observe chastity, because in this way I learn to respect girls

This is one of my favorite arguments. Learning chastity is learning respect for girls. Don’t tell me that some playboy looks at girls in the same way as a chaste man does. A playboy is a guy who looks at women like a he-rabbit does a sherabbit during the mating season. Well, I don’t want to see just a body when I see a girl. I do not want to keep thinking all the time how to pick up this one or that one and then make her do this or that and still better drag her to bed, using her until a new “conquest” has been lined up.

I am interested in other types of relations with girls – I want to admire their beauty, above all their inner beauty, which a man especially needs: their warmth, gentleness, tenderness, care. I simply wish to talk to them, share my thoughts and experiences without any manipulation, without any hidden intentions, simply being a friend with them. To look at women in this way, with love, has to be learned. You learn in proportion to your ability to overcome lust.

Andrew, aged 19, wrote: “I like to spend time with girls very much. They have something I miss in male company. But I see it and am able to enjoy it only when my thoughts and yearnings are pure. This harmony is upset by desire if I do not quickly bring it under control.”

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