A Child – the Greatest Gift from God

Our Gabriela is a joyful, sensitive, affectionate child who loves to cuddle. She is our sunshine and I cannot imagine life without her

“I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13) I would like to give my testimony as a way of thanking God, but also as a call to prayer, to trust in God, and to offer up to Him all of our worries and problems.

I have been married to Przemysław since 23 August 2008. Even before getting married, we dreamt of having a big family. When, after six months of marriage, our attempts at pregnancy had failed, I went to my gynaecologist. Tests revealed that I was healthy and the problem was with my husband. We were offered the option of in vitro fertilization, but we rejected it due to our faith. My husband underwent treatment in Warsaw, where he was given pharmacological therapy. However, this did not bring the desired result, and he was given the option of surgery. But even the operation did not change anything, and after several months my husband’s surgeon said that there was no chance for a child, and proposed in vitro fertilization. Again, we rejected the method.

Time passed, and all of our friends and family started asking questions. Our closest family had accepted our situation and supported us. In spite of this, my mother-in-law’s reaction to our problem with conceiving a child greatly upset us. She said: “Just don’t tell anyone.” We felt like second- class citizens, worse than others, “lepers” and “outcasts.” We felt that my husband’s family were ashamed that we didn’t yet have a child. Added to this is the thought that no one would ever call me “Mama.” I went through stages of despair and bitterness. I looked at pregnant women with resentment.

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