2018-45 Testimonies

A Family Rescued

Oct 19, 2018 Testimony

“Were a soul like a decaying corpse so that from a human standpoint, there would be (no hope) of restoration and everything would already be lost, it is not so with God. The miracle of Divine Mercy restores that soul in full” (Diary 1448)

Two years ago, together with my husband, we bought an apartment in an apartment complex. I developed a particular compassion for one of our new neighbors, who was addicted to drugs and also had an alcohol problem. Earlier on there was a time when I looked down on people like him, thinking that it was their own fault and through their own free choice they waste their lives. However, Jesus changed my perception of my neighbor, and taught me that only God can judge, because He is the One who knows us best and knows everything about us. Only He can penetrate our hearts, our souls, and our minds.

I saw in Michael – that was our neighbor’s name – the suffering Christ asking for help. I resolved to pray for him daily the prayer of immersion in Christ’s Blood, along with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

Michael had a wife and two children. His addictions drove his wife to leave him for another man and move to a different city. From that time he was alone and ended up having to live with his mother and step-father. He lost his job and sank ever deeper into his addictions. He had lost a lot of weight and you could see that day by day he was drawing closer to some great misfortune. I saw him frequently when I was returning from church from Eucharistic adoration. At that point I would repeat: “Lord Jesus, immerse him in Your Blood, free him from his addictions, cleanse him, heal and sanctify him according to Your will. Turn him back to God. Manifest today the power of Your Blood.” The Lord obviously wanted me to run into Michael several times a day to pray for him, so I would repeat this prayer every time I passed him. One day I met his children, and his wife with her new partner. The woman herself approached me and told me about her new life and how happy she was now. This made me very sad, since one glance at her new partner was enough to be able to see something very different. At that point, she and Michael had been divorced for half a year. I thought at that moment that she, too, should be immersed in Jesus’ Blood, in order to tear her away from this adulterous relationship and return her to God. So I asked the Lord Jesus not to let Satan destroy this sacramental marriage.

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