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Are There Any Decent Guys Out There?

Oct 19, 2018 LOA Editorial Office

How many times girls ask themselves this question! Well, they see all kinds of things out there…

Okay, let’s be fair. Guys in general won’t go any further than girls let them. On the other hand, if he loves and appreciates a girl, a guy is ready to do a lot for her. You girls can have a great deal of influence over a guy. Do you know how to use this for his own good? As a girl you know well that, just like other girls, you hope one day to meet a good guy who will be selfless, friendly, sincere, understanding – in a word, a guy who will be a good friend, and possibly even a future husband.

For a girl it’s particularly difficult if she never experienced selflessness and warmth from her father. If she learned these feelings at home, then somehow she blooms and is full of joy. She is able to relate to boys as colleagues and sincere friends. If she didn’t experience this at home, then she’ll look for support among boys. She’ll want to find in a boy what was lacking in her father. Unfortunately, she will only rarely succeed. She is looking for closeness with a boy but misses the point that he understands her attentions in a different way and will be tempted to take advantage of them. A girl’s behavior towards him can lift a guy up in his own eyes. It can lead him to think that she trusts him. However, he will often not understand her feelings and just as often exploit her trust unscrupulously, telling himself that this is what she wanted.

They have to recognize how much everything depends on them, maybe a lot more than on the guys

A girl will delude herself that the guy is sincerely interested in her, that he cares about her as a person. So, she’ll be ready to do anything for him in exchange for that moment of interest in her. And at the same time, he’ll feel like he has “scored” again. If the girl gives in, it’s like something breaks inside her. Even if she subsequently pretends that nothing happened, she will still feel sad, undervalued, damaged – or as one of you honestly admitted – “dirty.” A girl will look at this situation differently than a boy will. There’s nothing strange about that because she will be incomparably more hurt by the situation than he will.

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