Fatima and the Miracle of the Vistula

Our Lady made us realize at Fatima that atheism, stubborn persistence in sin and refusal to reform, are the greatest threats to mankind. Soon after the last Fatima revelation, atheists took power in Russia.

In Fatima, Our Lady asked people to pray for the reformation of atheists and the dedication of Russia to her Immaculate Heart. She said: “If my wishes are fulfilled, Russia will reform and peace will reign; if not, godless propaganda will spread its false teaching across the world, causing war and persecution of the Church; good people will be martyred and the Holy Father will have much to suffer. Various nations will be annihilated.”

The fervent prayers of the Polish nation were heard. The Lord God miraculously intervened and changed the course of the history of Poland and of Europe

The people who took over power in Russia in 1917 professed the satanic ideology of Communism, which was based on atheism, opposition to God, hatred, and the promotion of state sponsored crime. The new rulers of Russia intended to spread their ideology to other countries, choosing to impose their diabolical ideology by force, first on Poland and then on the rest of Europe. On November 11, 1918, Poland finally regained independence after 123 years of captivity, but barely a month later, on December 18, 1918, Soviet troops began an invasion of Polish territory.

Struggle against the “Living Incarnation of the Spirit of the Antichrist”

Newly reborn Poland found herself poised against formidable odds. Most European countries sympathized with the Communist government in Moscow. The Red Army was five times more numerous than the Polish forces. From a military point of view, defeating the Bolsheviks seemed impossible. For almost two years, the Poles had heroically defended their country but they eventually had to retreat. In the summer of 1920, the Red Army was approaching the Polish capital. Lenin was certain that his armies would capture Warsaw within days.

For believers, it became absolutely clear that without divine intervention the Polish forces would not be able to defeat the Soviet army. Therefore, the Polish Episcopate called upon the entire nation to pray fervently and to fast. Polish bishops wrote a letter to Pope Benedict XV, which read: “For two years, our country has been fighting against the enemies of Christ’s cross – with the Bolsheviks […]. If Poland succumbs to the Bolshevik onslaught, the entire world will be threatened with defeat. A new deluge will flood us.”

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