Fruit of Purity

We decided to not live together before the wedding because I knew that it could only spoil our relationship

My name is Monika. I am the happy wife of Dawid and the mother of Weronika, Rafałek and the third child growing in my womb, right under my heart. For the last two years, together with my husband, we have been teaching NFP (Natural Family Planning) and involved in Couple to Couple League (CCL).

A Beautiful Time of Getting to Know Each Other

Before I met my husband, I experienced conversion and I was set free from masturbation. Earlier, under the influence of various empty youth magazines (such as Bravo or Popcorn) as well as people around me, I became more and more convinced that sex before marriage and contraception were something natural. I did not think deeply about what they could lead to, nor did I realize that one could live differently. Everything changed when I went on a retreat. I started thinking about the consequences of certain behaviors. I met people with values, and I decided I also wanted to live like that myself.

At that time, I met a boy. I met Dawid for the first time about 13 years ago at his prom, which my cousin arranged as a blind date. Unexpectedly, “by accident” we found the love of our lives. After the ball, we started dating and soon we were a couple. It was a beautiful time of getting to know each other. Dawid was my first boyfriend and I was his first girlfriend. Together, we enjoyed new experiences, even the smallest ones, such as holding hands, hugging and romantic dates. At some point, however, it was time for a serious conversation about purity. I said that I wanted to wait with sex until the wedding, and when married, I wanted to use natural methods of family planning. Dawid initially accepted this, but when he began to experience a period of rebellion (regarding faith, church and values), he urged me to change my mind. The problem grew. We began to move away from each other; our bond did not develop but rather it it was beginning to die. I could not cope with Dawid’s obsession to start a sexual relationship, in which he became more and more absorbed, whilst at the same time he did not realize how I felt. However, I really cared for my boyfriend, so I started to fight for him, believing that, like my patron Saint Monika, I would pray for his conversion with consistent faith and perseverance. I believed deeply that Dawid’s conversion was possible because for God nothing is impossible and faith moves mountains. And so it did.

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