God Did Not Leave Me on My Own

I am in the “boxing ring” with Satan, but I am richer with strength and experience, and on my side is the One who is always victorious

My nightmare began relatively early. I was maybe five years old then. Today I am 15 and I can still barely cope. Masturbation has been my “friend” for such a long time that it managed to destroy my psyche, self-esteem, childhood and most importantly – relationships with other people.

I do not even remember how it began. But the beginning is usually one: pornography. Television is full of disgraceful scenes, debauched movies that demoralize young people.

It was the same with me. Although I was brought up in a Catholic family, I never knew why you should go to church. My faith was limited to Sunday Mass, and sometimes to an evening prayer. But God, in His great mercy, did not leave me on my own.

I cried many times at the confessional asking for help. Believe me, the help always came

Some time ago, questions began to torment me, “What are you doing with your life?” I decided to break free from my addiction. Slowly, my healing began. But Satan did not want to let go of his prey whom he had shaped for so long to be a broken, unloving boy, unable to control his sexuality… Then in some miraculous way (today I believe that thanks to God), I came across your magazine. In Love One Another! I read what masturbation really is, and how much Jesus suffers because of me. It was a real shock for me! For a few days I did not know what to do with myself. I thought that since God was suffering so much because of me, there was no chance for me to heal.

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