“I Can Do All Things Through Christ, Who Strengthens Me” (Philippians 4:13)

Jesus Christ desires to free everyone from the bondage of sin and teach us to love just as He loves us. The calling to love is thus the most important task for each of us.

The Main Weapon in the Fight

The main trait of leftists, Freemasons and proponents of gender equality is hatred towards Christ and the Catholic Church. Whenever atheists came to power, it would be followed by the oppression, genocide and bloody massacre of the religious and the faithful. This has happened numerous times in history: during the French Revolution (1789-1794); the Masonic government of Mexico in the 1920s; the Spanish Civil War (1931-1936); in the USSR, China, and all the countries in the communist bloc; in Germany under Hitler, and in other socialist countries. Presently, the neo-Marxist elite of the European Union have been conducting an ideological war against Christian civilization. Their strategy is disinformation and the spread of lies about the Catholic Church and Christian morality. They reject the Commandments and call what was traditionally taught as evil as now being good. Demoralization is their main weapon in their fight against God. Their goal is to enslave the human heart, through sexual liberation, gender equality, pornography, homosexuality and sexual perversion.

Leftist liberals have reduced man to a thinking animal who does not have an immortal soul

Let us not allow ourselves to be manipulated by an atheistic, leftistliberal ideology of brutal egoism – an ideology that sets itself to destroy the Judeo-Christian system of values. French poet André Breton wrote that it was necessary to wage a fierce offensive against Christian civilization in order to purge the world of such concepts as sin, the fall of man, or redemptive love, and replace it with the divine intimacy of a man with a woman. Breton claims that morality based on the primacy of pleasure will rid the world of all of this wicked morality of suffering and submission, which he argues are the tools of imperialism and the Church. According to the progressive liberal, the most important thing for man is sexual pleasure, and any limit placed on it is an attack on freedom. Thus they aim to destroy Christian morality through gender equality and the propagation of sexual liberation, even among children. They want to deny the conviction that God exists and that man was created in the image and likeness of God. Wilhelm Reich wrote: “Together with the liberation from the artificial constraint of the genital muscles, the idea of God should also disappear.” He went on to propose the establishment of “a religion of orgasm.” Liberals have reduced man to the level of a thinking animal which does not have an immortal soul, and his most important goal in life should be to satisfy his desires.

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