I Discovered What it Means to be a Woman

I do not fear going against the current of ideas in this world. I want to be a real woman who… lives in truth, simplicity and purity of heart

I am twenty years old, and earlier I had not been able to find my place in this world – I felt anonymous in society. Three years ago I gave myself up to the care and protection of Our Lady, asking her to lead me to Jesus. In contemplating the life of Mary, I started following her example.

In the beginning of July, I received an invitation to attend the recollection of the Movement of Pure Hearts. I was very happy about this and I wanted to join the recollection. Meanwhile, I was feeling hurt and lost. I have good and loving parents, but I never knew how to talk to them about important things. So when I arrived at the designated place I did not know who I could trust, so I left everything up to Jesus, asking Him to help me. I did not expect that He would be so quick with his help. He put people on my path who showed me the beauty of the gift I had received from God – the gift of womanhood, of which I was earlier so fearful.

Up to this moment, I was afraid to have my own family, in other words I was afraid of getting married, but during the evening adoration, Jesus, who was present in the Most Holy Sacrament, healed all my wounds and took away all my fears and worries. During the conference he showed me the mystery and holiness of the sacrament of matrimony; he also showed me that He blesses the family where there are children. Jesus answered my questions. At this recollection I finally felt like a woman! I felt great pride because of this: “Through matrimonial love and womanly care, God expresses his presence on Earth… The mature woman is an inspiration for men and a blessing for all mankind.” (Fr. M. Dziewiecki).

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