Saint Joseph Prayed for a Good Husband for me

I prayed for a good husband, but in a way as a routine and habit. Only sometimes there was a spark of hope that Saint Joseph would help me…

My story is an example that prayer has miraculous

Ever since I can remember, I had always been eagerly praying for the grace of perseverance and for a good husband.

Although others describe me as an attractive person and everyone always said that I have a good character, I could not find a man with whom I would like to spend the rest of my life. Sometimes, kneeling and crying, I thought, “why should I pray, since for the last 10 – and then later – 15 years, nothing has changed and I am still alone?” Despite this doubt, however, I found the strength to rise up.

Some eight years ago, I came across your magazine. Among the articles I found one that interested me particularly. It concerned a prayer to Saint Joseph.

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