The Immaculate Heart of My Mother Shall Prevail

In the words addressed to the Szczecin mystic Alicja Lenczewska (1934-2012), Jesus asks us to heed the calls of His Mother to reform, do penance and pray.

† Satan is powerless against the people who do not give him access to themselves and who reject everything that exhibits even a shadow of evil or inconsistency with the Gospel. In the shadows of human permissiveness that increasingly engulf the world, the only beacon of light is heroic faith and faithfulness to my teaching, as well as entrusting oneself to the care of My Mother, who will trample on the serpent’s head (Word of Instruction, 308).

† The Immaculate Heart of My Mother shall prevail. She is the Mother of the Church, which is always holy, irrespective of the sins and betrayal by many of its children.

The holiness of the Church abides in me, my apostles and my dedicated servants, who in the sacrifice of martyrdom are the foundation, walls and roof of my temple. It is in it that I am alive and real, and in it, through the agency of my servants, I feed my children, restore life and lead them to the house of the Father.

My Church suffers as I have, it is injured and bleeding as I was injured and marked the way to Golgotha with my Blood. It is spat on and defiled as my Body was spat on and manhandled. And it staggers and falls as I did under the burden of the cross. It, too, bears the cross of my children across the years and centuries. And it rises again and moves with many saints towards the Resurrection, through Golgotha and the crucifixion. But the gates of hell shall not prevail against it, because the wisdom and power of God’s Spirit guides it with the heart and mind of my vicar on earth and his faithful associates. And the dawn and spring of the Holy Church shall come, although there is an anti-Church and a founder, the Antichrist. My Church will survive despite the priests and prophets of Lucifer, and the welldisciplined army of Masonry, and the many cells and organizations at its service. It will also survive despite the “tribunal” in charge of Satan’s church on earth, which has gained control over governments and riches, and despite the perception that it has poisoned everything and is leading the world to perdition.

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