The Prophetic Vision of the Third Secret of Fatima

The Third Secret of Fatima speaks of the consequences both of the crisis of faith and morality in the history of mankind. It announces what will happen if the call to penance and reformation, which is part of the Fatima message, is ignored.

In Fatima, Our Lady reminded us that the greatest evils and all human disasters were brought about by the rejection of God, acceptance of sins and total imperviousness to God’s mercy. God, who loves and cares for everyone, wishes to guide us along the difficult road of maturing in love so that we might find eternal life in heaven. When, however, a person rejects Christ and refuses to comply with the requirements posed by his law of love which is expressed in the Decalogue and other moral precepts, he delivers himself up to the power of Satan. The consequence of this choice is the absence of love and a life in terrible captivity, which ultimately may lead to eternity in hell.

On March 25, 1984, John Paul II, in communion with the bishops from around the world, entrusted the whole world, including Russia, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

One Hundred Years on

When released on the orders of St. John Paul II in the year 2000, the text of the third secret of Fatima was seen to have the character of an apocalyptic vision. It symbolically prophesies great persecutions, suffering and martyrdom of many followers of Christ as well as wars that will break out if people do not heed the call to reform. Indeed, after the visions of Fatima were over, wars and bloody persecutions were caused by atheistic ideologies battling against God, in particular by Communism and Nazism.

After the 1917 revelations, the Fatima message was largely ignored in many European countries and religious faith suffered a crisis and a decline of morality. One hundred years on, the third secret of Fatima can be seen to contain references to many dramatic events of the 20th century.

In 1917, Communists took power in Russia and with diabolical hatred set out on their mission to destroy churches and exterminate almost all clergy, together with millions of believers.

In Germany, National Socialism and Cultural Marxism spread in university campuses. At Frankfurt University, the founders of the so-called ‘Frankfurt School’ questioned the existence of objective truth. They also held that all evil proceeded from Christian morality, as preached by the Catholic Church. Marital faithfulness was held in contempt and calls were made for detaching the sexual act from procreation. Abortion was considered a human right, while marriage, motherhood and family were discredited; homosexuality and other sexual deviations, in contrast, were proclaimed to be perfectly acceptable. They reduced the human being to the status of an animal, whose only purpose in life was to enjoy physical pleasure.

In 1933, power in Germany was taken over by national socialists, led by Adolf Hitler, who got into power after cleverly manipulating national democratic elections. Possessed by the forces of evil, they hated Christ and his Church. Driven by Satanic ideology, they started the Second World War and perpetrated the largest genocide ever.

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