2018-45 Testimonies

The Secret of a Blessed Death

Oct 19, 2018 Testimony

I asked the Lord to let me be present at the death of my dad, and God heard me

For as long as I remember, my dad had always prayed. His favorite prayer was the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. He prayed it every day and he didn’t care if sometimes we had visitors during the Hour of Mercy. He apologized to them, saying, “Well, it’s three, I’m praying now.” At such moments, I admired him for having so much faith to say, “God above all else.”

This year my dad became very ill and underwent a major surgery. Many complications caused exhaustion of the body, days and nights filled with suffering, pneumonia, and finally death.

I will never forget my dad’s departure from this world. The Merciful Jesus took care of everything. Only a few hours before his death, father received the anointing of the sick and the Body of Jesus. My dad’s soul was pure and Christ in the Sacramental Bread was shining in him. Jesus also prepared me and my siblings for the departure of our beloved dad. I looked at my father’s suffering and began to accept God’s will. I asked the Lord to let me be present at the death of my dad, and God heard me. Dad maintained presence of mind and peace of heart until the end. A few minutes before dying, he sighed: “Jesus.” I am sure that it was Jesus himself who came at that moment to lead him to the other side. The Merciful Jesus keeps His promises – He does not leave anyone who takes refuge in His mercy.

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