Can You Be Grateful to God for Infertility?

In spite of the fact that we loved each other, we could not enjoy life, as each day was filled with sadness and regret.

We have been married since 2015. Even before the wedding, we had already consulted specialists regarding the hormonal problems that were affecting my wife’s menstrual cycle; afterwards she began treatment. Six months after getting married, we were still unsuccessful in our attempts at having a child. It was then that we found ourselves at a naprotechnology clinic.

Even though we had been trying to have a child for less than a year, we didn’t want to continue making fruitless attempts. Unfortunately, it turned out that our problems lay both on the female and male side.

Our marriage suffered deeply from the months of treatment, the fistful of pills that we needed to take daily, the disappointment at the arrival of the next menstrual cycle, signalling another failed attempt at pregnancy. Despite the relatively short period of treatment (one-and-a-half years of unsuccessful attempts), by now we had experienced a deep emotional and spiritual crisis. Though we loved each other, we could not enjoy life, as each day was filled with sadness and regret.

In the summer of 2016 we went on a pilgrimage to Jasna Góra, to the sanctuary of Our Lady of Częstochowa. Many people prayed for our intention the Novena of Our Lady of Pompeii; the Community of the Covenant of Warriors prayed A Charge on Heaven; the Franciscan sisters of the Family of Mary also prayed for us. We asked for prayers everywhere. We also started to adore God in our life, thanking Him even for the infertility. We tried to trust that God will bring greater good out of the suffering we were experiencing.

After returning from our pilgrimage it turned out that our test results were worse than expected, particularly on my part as the husband, on my male fertility. This was a great blow to us, as we were expecting that the prayers and sacrifices during the pilgrimage would unite us with God in our desire for a child. Unfortunately, we still had to deal with the next stages of treatment which were slowly becoming an unbearable burden on our finances and mental health.

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