“You are equal to God. You are the creator. You can fulfil your true divinity.” These are the promises of New Age. This way of thinking offers wonderful solutions to life’s problems, but, according to Moira Noonan, many of its remedies lead to a life controlled by demonic forces, and her life experience confirms these words.

“That’s what happened to me”, continues Moira. “For over 20 years I had been studying and practicing the teachings of dozens of esoteric schools. At first I was looking for relief in chronic pain, but then I became a devoted lover of the New Age triad, which expresses the idea of the cult of Self, (Me, Myself and I). It took only a few days for me to be set free from it, but I needed several years for true conversion to take place in me.”

Better Because Foreign?

Moira Noonan, who broke away from New Age thanks to the grace of God, in her book entitled Ransomed from Darkness: The New Age, Christian Faith and the Battle for Souls describes extensively how practices from Eastern beliefs had spread widely in the late twentieth century in the US and later also in Europe. In the area of mass culture, the spheres of health, nutrition, sport, interpersonal relations, individual formation and many others have been penetrated by the occult. Examples are multiple. “The Beatles opened the world to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the creator of transcendental meditation. They themselves went to India to live in his ashram. At the same time, numerous Hindu gurus moved their activities to the more lucrative American soil. The influences of Eastern religions were ever-present in the USA,” says Noonan. In the lives of many people, Moira included, “it all started with this seductively re-wrapped Americanized Hinduism, which was then sold to Western young people seeking novelties.” This initial fascination swiftly leads to deeper involvement with practices that are completely contrary to Christian faith and spirituality.

“A moment earlier, I felt as if I literally swam through spiritual beings. It was ghostly, just disgusting. I had the impression that I was swimming in blood, it was so thick” (M. Noonan)

It Works!

Having practiced various occult rites for many years, Moira Noonan acquired such powers as clairvoyance and clairaudience. She also had the knowledge of the intimate affairs of people who came to her; she saw and heard ghosts and she was able to contact them. Entering the occult practices, Moira had good intentions. She wanted to help herself, first to get rid of post-accident pain and later to reach spiritual enlightenment, as well as to help others. After her conversion she noticed, however, that the apparent goodness of intentions and the seemingly good effects of occult practices concealed a terrible reality. Examples include meetings where Moira and her instructor, Dr. Ann Makeever, allegedly had contact with the dead: “People often came to our sessions to contact their dead relatives. However, they saw something else. In reality, they were unknowingly calling upon demons. Demons played all the roles that were expected of them – relatives, spirit guides, acquaintances.” Demons – very intelligent beings, but also totally devoted to evil by means of lies and manipulation – have always been deceiving people who disregard God’s commandments, which are the laws given to protect them. Both the Holy Bible (Deuteronomy 18:11) and Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC 2116) clearly forbid contacts with the dead, or practicing necromancy.

“People often came to our sessions to contact their dead relatives. […] In reality, they were unknowingly calling upon demons. Demons played all the roles that were expected of them – relatives, spirit guides, acquaintances” (M. Noonan)

Knowing God’s laws well, evil spirits will do anything to get people to break them. To achieve this, they even invoke various spectacular phenomena, of which Moira Noonan also writes, recalling “table-turning” sessions invoking “ascended masters”. “Even NASA scientists photographed us. They later published a photograph of the table lifted up. In the photo, the table legs look like four bright rays of light, supposedly bundles of energy. Doctor Makeever [co-founder of the occult method The Teaching of the Inner Christ – ed.] regularly organized mass events at the Masonic temple in San Diego. We advertised these meetings by word of mouth among the New Age community, churches of the Doctrine of the Mind and the like. People from all over Southern California travelled there, and among them many Hollywood stars. Séances and sessions with table-turning with over 500 people present dragged on for hours. The spectators gathered in the temple thought: ‘What a thing! We have here a real connection to the spiritual world.’ This connection, however, led the entourage to Lucifer, the greatest angel of darkness, who loves to pretend to be the angel of light.” The demon’s impressive tricks attracted crowds of people and they continue to fascinate people, even those from the world of science. That’s why the testimonies of converts, who left the occult and reveal the truth about it, are so important. Moira Noonan firmly appeals to everyone: “Keep in mind that these practices are real; these are not just tricks. They have their part in what is called spiritualism, which the Bible warns us against. In the Book of Deuteronomy and elsewhere, God makes it clear: stay away from all sorts of mediums, spells and divination. Prophet Jeremiah warned people not to look for signs of future in the stars. Many times the Bible states clearly not to practice such things” (Deuteronomy 18:9-14; Leviticus 20:27; Acts 16:16-18).

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