Give Up Your Child to Our Lady

What can we do to protect our child from evil and sin? Are parents destined to lose the battle against a determined evil?

It is important to be familiar with the advice of God’s servant Fr. Aleksander Woźny regarding child rearing: to give the child up to Our Lady, Mother of God. This does not mean just to give up the child to her protection, but to give him up in the fullest sense, completely, as hers. Neither does this mean doing something special to honor Mary, but it means the readiness to receive Her great gift for us and for our child.

The thought of giving up our child to Our Lady might seem shocking. Fr. Woźnego himself said: “It is often difficult for us to understand.” Basically this means full realization of our duties that we took upon ourselves when our child was baptised, when we vowed to give the child up to God, to choose God, and to reject evil and all that leads to evil – in particular egoism and pride.

The seemingly difficult path of giving up one’s child to Mary, and through Her, to God, is actually the simplest and surest. For those who hesitate, it is important not to reject the thought outright, but rather to leave the door open. The most important step on this road is the first one, where we rely on God’s help. Experience teaches us that this road later becomes easier, brighter, and clearer. There are many who are happy to have taken this path in raising their children; there is no one who has regretted it.

We will soon publish the full text of the 40 years’ worth of teachings of servant of God Fr. Aleksander Woźnego. Though his teachings were addressed mainly to mothers, they also are important for fathers.

“What I will say is something very important, but it is often difficult for us to understand. Love is the most important virtue. Man can only truly love through God’s intervention. This is the truth.

Where can your child learn the greatest evil? No matter if he is 5 or 19 or has not even been born, he is with you, his mother. If some stranger wants your child to do evil, he will say no. If an evil spirit will tempt him, he might fall once or twice, but he will rise up from the fall. But if the temptation comes from you, his mother, he will not think you are leading him to evil, and he will fall for it.

“If you give your child completely under the influence of the Most Holy Mother, you can be sure that he will be raised and treated as an individual – unique in the entire world” (Fr. A. Woźny)

When are such dangers coming from you, his parent? This happens when you love yourself more than your child. If you don’t know how to take care of your child’s soul, you can damage it so severely that you will not be able to mend it.

If you look at yourself honestly, you will see that the biggest hurts inflicted on your child came from you. I would not want to accuse you, but I sincerely feel for you. I know many older mothers who now admit it.

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