God is Waiting at the Confessional

The battle for my soul had already lasted several years before that happy day came when at the confessional I admitted my sins with immense regret, heartache and tears. No words can describe the joy that I felt afterwards.

“The image of people who no longer see the need for confession is a warning for us that it is possible to harden the heart and darken the mind to such a degree…” The homily from which this statement was taken moved me to share with you my own experiences.

Having been raised in a Catholic family, I regularly went to confession on the first Friday of the month until the end of my secondary education. When I started working, I quickly gave in to worldly influence. Belief in God became inconvenient and, eventually, unnecessary from my point of view.

Still, I managed to go to confession once a year, out of habit. I was later able to quit this “troublesome habit” and was pleasantly surprised that nothing bad appeared to come of it. Earlier I had been afraid that God would punish me; on the contrary, my life was now getting better. I achieved greater success at work and I gained influence in society. I was in charge of important projects and I became famous among my peers. Financially, I was also doing quite well. I had more than enough money and could easily afford a high-quality lifestyle, including a dream flat, which was comfortably furnished. All my dreams were being fulfilled. This is how I always imagined a life of happiness and good fortune.

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