The Cross is Your Weapon

Jesus, through the agency of the mystic Alicja Lenczewska (1934-2012), encourages us to see the mystery of his Way of the Cross in the light of faith.

† All the Stations of the Cross are the realization and picture of the human justice that sentenced God to passion and death. They are also the realization and picture of the Divine Mercy that forgives, loves and brings happiness.

My crucifixion shows what man and his actions are like and what God and his actions are like.

The Cross is the sign of man’s sinfulness and God’s sanctity. The piercing of my Heart is the center where the two realities cross.

This is the truth and difference between God and man after the original sin. In a man who repudiates God and his Law, there is only selfishness, resulting in its wish to satisfy its desires at any cost. Know and remember what you are capable of as a sinful person and know and remember what God offers you.

The profundity of contrition that you should experience at all times will make you re-born as a new creature, loving God with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your strength, and loving your neighbor as yourself. In addition, this will be the state of accepting the great grace that I wish to fill you with.

Remember this at all times and may the sign of the cross be embedded in your heart and stand before your eyes to suppress what is human in you and open your heart to accept what is divine.

When your thoughts will concentrate around yourself, remember what I have told you about the meaning of the Cross and this will save you from the pride and vanity that a human heart is always attracted to.

Your enemy is egocentrism, while the Cross is your weapon. It is through the power of my Cross that I am always to defend, free and save you; to give you the Heaven of abiding in my love every day and every moment.

There is a great teaching in the sign of the cross: the whole truth of man and God. Learn the profundity of this truth so that it frees you from the bonds of the original sin. These bonds are ingrown in your human nature.

My Merciful Love is infinitely larger than the aggregate evil that has ever existed or ever will exist. Evil is always weaker than Love. The power of my resurrection is incommensurate with the type of death that is inflicted by the evil that is embedded in a man or which is afflicting him. (Word of Instruction, 28)