A Few Words About Contraception

Every manifestation of sexual chaos – from pornography to contraception and all the way up to the killing of unborn children – is a source of enormous profit in particular business circles.

It is logical for those companies producing contraceptives to designate a portion of their income towards advertising their products. It simply pays! If any moral order prevailed, these businesses would go bankrupt, because no one would be using contraceptives. This is why the goal of any person who is involved in the promotion of contraceptives is at odds with anyone who promotes moral order. For those who promote the artificial regulation of fertility – the most prominent enemies are the Catholic Church and the family. Because of this they clash vehemently in every regard with these institutions. It seems to the contraceptive producers that they are free to lie, ridicule, and even kill the unborn if that’s what’s necessary to protect their enormous interests. They are promoting a product that is supposedly phenomenal. Their marketing slogan can be expressed in a few words: “Don’t worry! If you use our product all your problems will be solved. It’s so easy and simple! Trust us; we only want what’s best for you. Those people who promote natural methods will demand that you go to a lot of trouble, and measure things and observe things. This is really a nuisance, and generally unreliable. Don’t believe them; they’re trying to trick you.” If you know how to think logically, think about it for a minute… I shouldn’t have to explain anything more.

The Bitter Fruit of Contraception

Spouses that use contraception damage their love for each other and cause God great suffering. As they persevere in a state of mortal sin, they are manipulated by the power of evil. Beyond this, they destroy their own health. One has to remember that hormonal contraceptives are one of the principal causes of malignant cancer of the breast, the cervix and the liver, as well as other diseases. It is impossible to find a single positive argument for the use of contraceptives. (Note: I am not speaking about medicinal treatment here, which sometimes has loss of fertility as a side effect. I am speaking of an action which has contraception as its objective in order to be able to engage in sexual relations at any given moment without any consequences.) There is no situation in which contraceptives are good, so the effects of their use can only be evil.

Spouses that use contraception damage their love for each other and cause God great suffering. As they persevere in a state of mortal sin, they are manipulated by the power of evil

The people who promote contraceptives know about these things, and that is why they exploit the most difficult situations, trying to create and publicize extreme cases, in which contraceptives will, at worst, be the so-called ‘lesser of two evils’. Starting from here, the marketeers of this world-wide commodity exaggerate examples such as: a brutal and drunken husband who rapes his wife, so it would be better for her not to be fertile than to bear an additional child without being able to assure that it will have the basic necessities of life. This is a graphic example. And yet we note that the husband wouldn’t be raping his wife (and likely not even be drinking) if his sexual act were something sacred to him, and not a possession to be exploited, which many, among them the producers of the contraceptives, would like to have him want to believe. Here the perversity of those advertising this product appears: in order to combat and manage fears of the side effects of birth control, they publicize methods which result in sickness. Beyond this, they advocate viewpoints which are quite simply the sources of the sickness. It’s plain to see what they really depend on and how “sincere” is their concern for “the well-being of the individual”.

Use Reason!

The greatest threat to the contraception industry is for people to use reason, supported by responsible knowledge. So what do the specialists in contraceptive advertising do? They falsify known findings (and because they have the financial resources to do so, people listen) and shout loudly: “This is obvious, you don’t even need to think about it, anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot from the backwoods, from the dark ages, a nutcase. We are the only ones who are right.”

Once people hear the same lies 100 times, they start to believe them and accept them as truth. This is what Hitler’s propagandist Goebbels and other specialists in manipulation did. The people who advertise the contraceptives consistently lie when they talk about the supposed ineffectiveness of natural methods.

A basic accusation in regard to natural methods from those who are slaves to contraception is the phrase: “When you use natural methods you can’t have sex when you want to, and when the time comes when you can have sex, you don’t feel like it,” by which they allege that by abstaining from sex it causes a lack of spontaneity, thus causing insurmountable difficulties.

Meanwhile human activity depends exactly on the fact that a person can and should subjugate his or her actions to the control of reason and will. Reducing sex between two persons to the idea of simply “I want to” or “I don’t want to” is a primitivism, reducing human sexual activity to the level of satisfying physiological needs. Every normal person who goes into a restaurant, even when he is very hungry, should wait for the waiter (even if he dawdles), and not grab the full plate of the person sitting at the next table. Every normal person should restrain his spontaneous reaction by use of his own willpower, if reason commands him to do so. This is all obvious. So then why shouldn’t every normal person know how to restrain a growing sexual urge by using his own willpower when his reason tells him that is it not the right moment to have sex? It is exactly the lack of this capacity that is the source of great unhappiness in families, and not only there. It is exactly the lack of restraint that drives the contraception industry, which is why they strive to ridicule Natural Family Planning, tagging it with the label of “lack of spontaneity”. On our side, let’s use reason to build our own judgments, rather than accept the empty propaganda of slogans.

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