Healing in the Hour of Great Mercy

On a certain autumn Sunday, when I’d finally had enough, I knelt down to say the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I cried out to Jesus: “Lord help me! If You do not help me, who will?”

In July 2014 I underwent urological surgery. Before the surgery, I commended my health to St. Rita, Patron Saint of the Impossible. The surgery went well. After five days some complications came up: in the place where the tumour had been removed, an edema (an excessive accumulation of serum in a body cavity) appeared, which had to be removed.

It was a Sunday. I found myself at the hospital reception. The doctor claimed that since nothing bad appeared to be happening, he advised me to consult with the surgeon who was to conduct the operation the following day.

I returned to the hospital the next day, feeling very anxious. Right there and then, the doctor removed the edema without any anaesthesia, which was understandingly painful. He installed a catheter and then sent me home. After three days, the catheter was removed and he convinced me that everything was now fine. They also told me to be patient, because the post-operation recovery process, including therapy sessions, would take two to three months. The recovery process took place at the same time as the summer vacation. However, the vacation came to an end and I still had not fully recovered.

I prayed for healing and recovery on the rosary. I eventually went to a private urological clinic to know the exact state of my health. The doctor in the clinic said that in general everything was okay, but he recommended another surgery. He did admit that even that would not guarantee success.

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