“I am the Resurrection and the Life” (John 11:25)

† I gave up more than my body for the salvation of children. I gave up My resurrection in the Eucharist. (A Word of Instruction, 69)

We are presenting fragments of conversations of Polish mystic Alicja Lenczewska with the Lord Jesus.

God, through Alicja, sends each of us the message that it is only with Him that we have spiritual life.

† My merciful love is infinitely greater than the sum of all evils that have existed and that will exist. Evil will always be weaker than Love. The power of my resurrection will triumph over death, caused by the evil that is found in man, which touches man.

No one can make evil the soul that has been entrusted and given up to Me. Fear not the evil that exists in your sinful nature or in the nature of other men.

Trust Love, endure in Love. Entrust everything in Love. Answer every question with Love, so that Love will always triumph in you and through you, just as it triumphed in the cross. (A Word of Instruction, 28)

† Paradise is I. Being in paradise, you will be in Me and you will experience no limits, unlike the way you are now limited by your physical body. You will touch Me and commune with Me with your whole self, and all of you will be paradise. You will experience joy and complete fulfilment that will keep on growing and increasing. And you will delight at becoming ever more perfect. You will be living in peace and consolation. There will be endless perfect joy and perfect beauty, which has a dynamic quality since it keeps growing infinitely richer. You will be satiated with happiness. You will absorb Love and you will love, and you will desire to love.

Paradise is I. That which is not I is hell: we can define hell as the pain of separation and eternal hunger. It consists of eternal unsatiated hunger, misery, fear and oppression.

The pain will pass, like everything that is earthly. What remains is Love, which is the resurrection and life in glory

Look, My child: the whole world is in Me. And you, so small and frail in this world, you are in Me – loved, wanted, protected. Look: I am existing wholly for you. Nobody and nothing can lessen My love. My infinite power comes from this: that for each one of My children I am all. Each has all of My love, all of My beauty. I am undivided – though I am for all.

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