Jesus, You Take Over!

Below, we have printed the text of the Jesus, You Take Over! prayer, which the Lord Jesus imparted to Fr. Dolindo Ruotolo.

What is the reason that you succumb all disheveled to the turmoil? Give me your problems and everything will be calmed. I tell you in truth, every true act of complete, blind surrender to Me will yield the fruit that you desire, and will resolve the most tense situations.

To rely on Me completely doesn’t mean to struggle, torment yourself and fall into a state of despair, while at the same time impatiently asking Me to act according to your thinking. This form of agitation cannot be regarded as prayer. To rely on Me completely means to peacefully close the eyes of the soul, push aside worrisome thoughts and perturbations, and surrender to Me in such a way that only I am acting, with you repeating: “You take over.”

Worrying, upsetting yourself, and thinking of the consequences of an event is contrary, decidedly contrary, to surrendering to Me. Just like with children who insist that their mothers take care of their needs, while at the same time they start to interfere, obstructing their mothers’ work by their ideas.

When you see that things are getting complicated, close your eyes and say: “Jesus, You take over”

Close your eyes and allow the current of My grace to carry you away. Close your eyes, and don’t think about ongoing events, avert your eyes from the future like from temptation; rest in Me, trusting in My goodness, and I assure you of My love so that when you turn to me and tell Me: “You take over” I will devote myself to the problem completely, comfort you, free you, and direct you. And when I have to direct you along a way that you hadn’t planned on going, I will be your guide, I will take you up on my back and carry you through to the other side like a mother taking her sleeping baby in her arms. It’s your rationalism, your thought process, your worrying, and your desire to manage on your own whatever it is that is tormenting you, no matter what the cost, that causes your distress and is the reason for the pain that is so hard to bear. There is so much I can do, in both spiritual and material matters, when a soul turns to Me, and after looking at me and saying: “You take over”, closes its eyes and rests.

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