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The Sexual Revolution

The great rallying cry of the sexual revolution of 1968 was: “sex and drugs and rock’n’roll”. The youth, who were manipulated by the materialistic ideology of Marx and Engels, demonstrated their rebellion against Christian morality in American and European cities and universities.

The Marxist ideologues of this youth rebellion began the process for the complete elimination of the Christian system of values. They denied that humans had immortal souls. They reduced human beings to being mere animals, and souls to being mere instincts. One of the instigators of the revolution, André Breton, said: “It is necessary to carry out an offensive against Christian civilization in the most imposing way, in order to undermine once and for all such concepts as sin, the fall of man, and redeeming love, and completely replace it with a kind of divine intimacy between men and women. A morality based on the primacy of pleasure will soon replace this wicked morality of suffering and submission, which is convenient for the imperialists and the Church” (Radici Cristiane 34/2008). Herbert Marcuse (1898- 1979), one of the gurus of the revolution of 1968, developed a synthesis of the philosophies of Marx and Freud. He purported that all the evil in the world comes from the Christian system of values. This is why it should be completely rejected, since it impeded human drives. He wanted to see a new morality created, one free from all restrictions, so that a person could be himself. Marcuse identified sexual pleasure as the highest value, and sexual urge as the agent for the creation of new civilizations. For him freedom was anything that satisfied sexual desires; taking responsibility for others was repression; and children were the unwanted results of sexual pleasure.

Atheism advances when there is a destruction of morals. Its goal is the “liberation” of people from every Christian ethical norm

This atheistic ideology, which was derived from the Marxist School of Frankfurt, today has developed into political correctness and a covert form of ideological dictatorship in social circles in universities and the mass media. Its adherents impose their teaching about sex and homosexuality even on the youngest children, thus breaking down the authority of the school and the teacher. They seek to destroy the Christian identity of nations, which is one reason why they support the immigration of Muslims to the West. They promote contraception, abortion, homosexual “marriage”, divorce, and anything else that leads to the breakdown of marriage and the family.

The Appalling Fruit of the Sexual Revolution

The modern Marxist cultural revolution is more dangerous than in the era of the Soviet Union of the 1960’s, because it proceeds in such a way that we don’t notice it. Atheism advances when there is a destruction of morals. Its goal is the “liberation” of people from every Christian ethical norm. It is the promotion of an “anti-culture”, which is characterized by devotion to hedonism, complete egoism, the objectification of humans, and their decline to the level of copulating animals.

A person who is manipulated, depraved and enslaved in this way will reach out for pornography and unrestricted sex, as well as for narcotics and alcohol. This is how they will choke off their pangs of conscience, existential emptiness, the senselessness of existence, and their longing for pure love.

Atheistic ideology, which was derived from the Marxist School of Frankfurt, today has developed into political correctness and a covert form of ideological dictatorship

The Sexual Revolution that was Launched in 1968 is Reaping its Deadly Harvest. An example of the horrors wrought by the sexual revolution are the images of American students who, deluded by leftist ideology, travel to the beaches in great hordes at spring break to take drugs, drink alcohol, and participate in orgies for the whole week. They treat sex like eating a hamburger … Sex is stripped of any spiritual dimension, because there is no belief in the human’s immortal soul. There is no belief in the existence of God, who is the only source of love. The Christian teaching that sexual relations should be reserved only to men and women who are joined in a sacramental union is rejected. These people, who are deluded by this Marxist ideology, treat pornographic sex as normal behavior. They have sex with incidental partners just because it gives them a short term feeling of pleasure. They have lost any sense of shame, and what’s worse, they revel in their ongoing sexual exploits. This is an appalling illustration of total dehumanization and animalization.

For this kind of depraved person the concept of manhood is understood as knowing how to endlessly conquer their next sexual target, and not as a capacity for controlling their drives and egoism, and understanding how to care for women and families. The fruit of the sexual revolution is appalling. It has removed sex completely from the spheres of love and the spiritual, and regards virginity and love as reasons for shame. By rejecting the moral norms given to him by the Creator, mankind has become an animal enslaved by Satan, without responsibility or love, without respect for fellow man, and convinced that the killing of unborn children is a human right. This is how the people who live according to the Marxist vision of the person and the family are causing the destruction of their own humanity.

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