More and more people are bombarded with sex through commercials and the mass media; they are influenced by materialistic propaganda that only sexual pleasure gives happiness and that pre-marital purity leads to neurosis.

This is very dangerous atheist propaganda, because sex without moral principles, seen as entertainment and consumer attraction, leads to terrible enslavement by evil spirits, and therefore it is more difficult to cure even than alcoholism or drug addiction.

This extremely harmful propaganda is the product of modern Marxist gender ideologists and powerful porn businesses that earns billions of dollars from selling pornography and contraceptives, running abortion clinics and escort agencies. Porn business specialists feed on human weakness, naivety and stupidity. All this business would have fallen long ago if people started to live according to the principles proclaimed by the Church. This is why the Catholic Church is so attacked by mass media, and the teachings of Christ are undermined and ridiculed.

The decision to live in purity of the heart today requires courage and self-denial, because you have to go against the wave of demoralization. To live in purity means to think, choose and act as God wants us to. Purity means making an effort to establish a sincere relationship with God, through the prayer of the heart and the sacraments of penance and Eucharist. Only then is it possible to acquire the ability to subordinate sexual drive to moral principles.

Those who decide to live in purity of the heart should remember that sexuality is a great gift of God, which must be gratefully accepted. The Creator tells us that only within the sacrament of marriage sexual life, which is an expression of their fertile love, can sanctify the spouses. Whereas every other conscious and voluntary provocation of sexual pleasure will always destroy love, deepen selfishness and enslave, and thus it is a sin. This “fertile” love can only be achieved when the couple use Natural Family Planning as opposed to artificial birth control.

Purity of the heart requires that the person be in a state of sanctifying grace, a gift which God gives to everyone who asks for it with faith. However, if you ask for the grace of purity, do not imagine that you will be completely free from sexual temptation. You certainly will not get the privilege of being an angel! God will not take away the wonderful gift of your sexuality. The one thing Jesus asks of you is to undertake the effort of subordinating sexuality to the law of love. The beginning of change is to accept yourself and your sexuality. You cannot suppress feelings and tenderness, but neither can you satisfy all of your sexual desires. You must avoid anything, even if it is only coming from your imagination, which resembles pornography, and all extramarital fondling and sexual acts.

Everyone must go through the fire of temptation. Therefore, the desire to live without temptation is unrealistic. Temptations are a constant element in our life on earth, a sign of the effects of the original sin dwelling in us and of the activities of evil spirits. Temptations let us realize that without Jesus we are powerless and that we will not save ourselves. If we turn away from Him, then we will die in our sins. Every act of overcoming temptation is a great act of giving God the glory and at the same time it enhances spiritual growth in faith and love.

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