With Jesus I Overcome

I went to confession… I will never forget it. I felt the great love that God has for me

I dedicate my testimony to Jesus the Merciful, who healed me. I promised Him that I would write it down, at a time when I was drowning in a swamp of impurity.

It all started in primary school with Bravo magazine, the content of which robs young people of purity and innocence. This magazine is not about music, it’s about getting a young person into pornography. Here I urge all parents: never buy and or let your children read this type of magazine! You are also responsible for the purity of your children’s hearts!

Reading Bravo aroused my curiosity. I found out from my friends about things that my parents should have taught me about “these matters”. At home it was taboo. So I listened to lies. The word “love” was replaced by the word “sex”. I was told that masturbation is just as normal as breathing. I was persuaded that this way of self-satisfying would disappear when I started “using a girl”.

My nightmare now began. Satan did not waste time – he used various means and persons to enslave me. Bravo was no longer enough, so I reached out for pornographic magazines. Now, when I remember this, I wonder how it was possible for a 14-year-old boy to be sold such unsuitable material?! My next step was pornographic films. How did I get them? I did not have to look far, they were just a few meters away from my room, in my parents’ bedroom …

Together with sins of impurity, I began to commit other sins – one attraction led to the next… I became a “Sunday Catholic”. At that time holy Mass was a boring show for me, you just had to turn up there once a week.

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